Why Choose UPU?

Why Choose UPU 

The Uganda Pentecostal University has attracted many of the very best of minds since 2001 which studies as Grotius School of Law Professional Studies. As of today the University has grown to a great number students and the University and its colleges are now in Fort Portal and Kampala.

Here at UPU, our courses are inspiring. We offer a lot and in return do expect a lot. But with commitment, ability and the motivation on your side, you can expect nothing less than great rewards - exhilarating intellectual satisfaction, a complete person education and a capability much sought after by employers in industry and academia.

The students come from across Uganda and outside Uganda, representing diverse perspectives, experiences, backgrounds and cultures. Ugandan undergraduate applicants are admitted on an academic basis, and the university offers substantial financial aid to help families manage the costs. Once here, Uganda Pentecostal University students shall discover extraordinary freedom of opportunity to explore, to collaborate and to challenge themselves.

Uganda Pentecostal University offers the kind of education needed for leadership in a rapidly changing world. Its nine schools and faculties such as Faculty of Law, Faculty of Business Administration and Management, Faculty of Social Sciences, Faculty of Education and Arts, Faculty of Journalism and information technology. The UPU offers a breadth of highly regarded degree programs that allow students the freedom to explore their intellectual and personal passions.
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