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Dr. Nathan Karema is the Chairperson of the Uganda Pentecostal University Council and has contributed immensely to the social, human, education and human development of Uganda.  Dr. Karema is also seasoned administrator who as served as a District Commissioner and several capacities.


Dr. Karema holds an honorary doctorate from Uganda, Pentecostal University, a Master of Science from London School of Hygiene and a Bachelor of Science from Middlesex University in London, and several post graduate diplomas in various fields. 


Dr. Karema has contributed to the health development in United Kingdom, he initiated and manages the Mbarara Community Hospital which has provided vital services to the people in Mbarara. Uganda.  As a researcher, he disseminates information through public lectures in Uganda and abroad.  As a Health Practitioner, he disseminates information through Public Lectures in various Universities in Uganda.


  ~ Dr. Nathan Karema: Chairperson - UPU Council

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